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I had a girlfiend, Emma, ​​and we went to a gay club with a penisbot couple of friends to penisbot exercise. I needed to go to the bathroom and friends of the couple said they would make sure I come good. In the bathroom, I was nervous and could feel that there were people watching. I could feel my cock harden slowly and struggled to maintain composure to preserve. I finished and went to wash my hands. My partner 's friends, Tony was still there and I was pretty penisbot sure he winked at me when we went to the bathroom. We left the club and took a taxi back home. I was in the center rear seat and was sitting pretty adventurous with Emma feeeling lap and kissed her passionately as I put my hand to rub penisbot my thigh Tony felt. My cock and takes an additional charge. We returned home, and we all went very straight to bed. I almost fell Emma 's clothes and bent over the bed and closed his angry thinking about it, Tony, my cock for her wet dripping orsee her face and breasts. Then he fell asleep. I woke up at night drinking a glass of water and fell. Tony was in the kitchen when I got there and told penisbot me. 'I wondered if I could come see me, ' He had a little slip and I could see his penis begins to harden as he spoke. 'Dave Emma are asleep, and I know he wants something, I saw your penis to harden in the toilet, now you take your boxers penisbot and let me taste penisbot the juices of Fanny Emma treat. penisbot My cock was fully erect again and I did as I said. Tony just sucked my cock and then I said it was his use as it has not come tonight. I grabbed my cock and led me into the parlor. is that it was on the coffee table a few poppers , baby oil and a little tie. he told me face on the table and tied my hands and ankles at the tables. rubbed my back a bit and then moved to the face. his cock was about 7 inches long, and took it to his lips. 'Now suck on this,' he said. It tasted funny, and said, ' Can you prove it in the ass Dave, I can not wait to tell you that you have a future. ' What could I do, but also forced to suck. Tony grabbed her hair and pumped his cock harder into my mouth. Suddenly he stopped and left the room. The door opened again, and he left, but David was with him. ' Look at that cock sucking meat grinder,' he laughed, 'he now'. Dave was naked, and I could feel the oil is rubbed on my ass and then inserted a finger. Popppers were before and they told me to inhale deeply, Tony put his cock back in my mouth and then Dave said. 'I'll fuck that lazy, I do not care if, as is often the ass, the pain hurts,' I choked. damage to Tony 's cock as Dave just moved in. A hell for a while, but soon fun and swallowed Tony 's cock in. I wish I could go on the wall of Dave tail, but I bonds held firmly in place. Tony wwho grabbed her hair and was about geting while Dave was pumping more and Harde. Tony finally shot in the mouth, pulled his second shot went off and the rest of his load on my face. In this David grabbed my shoulders and I fell on your cargo pump in my recording again. Both left the room with me attached. I slept with my girl and fucked sleeping on the table. Emma was the first until the next morning and found myself tied to the table. She laughed penisbot and said he had expected to happen when Tony told him about my reaction to the baths. She said, ' you will be my subslut better and do a good job, otherwise it will come out ' That will not be the last time it happens. ' So he took a few pictures on his cell phone and said goodbye. David, Tony came shortly after the two took me more or less, but coming and going in the face. Then they told me I was going to see soon, I ordered a taxi and sent mein my way. Adventures continue, but that's for another time.
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